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Awards Season, Year-End Film Reccs & ComING UP IN '23

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

As we head into the end of yet another tumultuous year, and having presented 9 online screening salons this year and with Sundance around the corner, I believe more than ever in the power of film to inspire, educate and connect us to each other as well as to worlds and ideas.

We are also heading into the awards season! There are SO many great films this year, including ones that I saw recently at the SCAD Savannah Film Festival and others which are award contenders.

  • The Golden Globe nominees have already been announced, with the awards ceremony on January 10th.

  • Nominees for the Independent Spirit Awards are also out, and the ceremony is right here in Santa Monica on March 4th.

  • As for the Oscars, the Academy of Motion Pictures will announce nominations on January 24, with the awards ceremony on March 12th . Meanwhile here's the official Short List and what Variety is predicting for this year's winners.


Here are some of my recommendations and trailer links, in no particular order.

Narrative Feature Length Films (non-documentaries):

I'll be seeing Avatar later today, which I already know I'll love.

These ones with an * are what I suggest you 'Must See'.

The ones at the bottom are ones I haven't seen yet that are on my own Must See list which is constantly evolving.

Documentaries (+ designates short films, * are the ones I've seen):

After seeing it clean up at the recent IDA Awards, I know I must see All that Breathes. You'll see from the trailer that it is stunningly beautiful. Again, these are ones that I've seen and that you should too:


I'll be headed to the Park City on January 11th for the Sundance Film Festival which starts on the 19th. Let me know if you'll be there or if there are films I should see. As usual I will immerse myself, with some skiing too;). I love festivals because I can experience a wide range of film and other screened content while taking in Q&A's and casual conversations with filmmakers and others at events along the way.

As was the case at the SCAD Savannah Film Festival, I have a hunch that these 3 central theme swill continue to be make their way into the world:

  1. The powerful combination of connection and purpose, to unite, heal and inspire

  2. Awe, nature & the precarious state of our planet

  3. Diversity and cultivating a greater understanding for those who aren't like us (In current jargon, DEI , or Diversity Equity & Inclusion, which you'll see more of in my Spring Screening Salon Series)

... Speaking of which, programming for our Spring ONLINE Screening Salon Series, DE&I: A Closer Look is in the works. Save the dates for these 4 consecutive Tuesdays in March.

March 7, 14, 21 & 28 starting @ 5pm PT / 8pm ET

Sign up for Updates, you'll receive the the program and schedule as soon as they go live.) Here's a taste of a past screening salon and a look at our Past Programs & Featured Guests.

In closing, I want to wish you and your near 'n dears a very safe, healthy and inspiring start to the New Year and really look forward to our paths crossing soon! Also if you're curious about how to add some Ripple into your organization, that's SSR Pro. Just let me know.

Here's to the ripples in your life and beyond,



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