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What's a Screening Salon?

As a believer in the power of connection and change through screened content, Christine creates an open, genuine forum in which the content becomes a bridge for members to discover and activate.


Here, we are all 'experts', adding our unique ingredients into the mix... as speakers and active listeners.   We invite you to join us soon!​​

See for Yourself...

Click Here for a video recap  of a PAST SCREENING SALON


Screening salons, whether in person or online are like picnics or dinner parties with a special guest or two. The difference is that the main course is screened content instead of food. 


My endless thanks goes out to SSR members Sarkis Babayan (editor) and Sheng Huang (post-productions & graphics) for all they did to make our dream of a 4-minute video short a reality!

A Taste of a Screening Salon

*Note:  The theme of the series was Connection & Belonging and the Featured Guest was Gabriel Diamond of Outside Films and the Skoll Foundation.

He shared his film Less with us.


Let us know what you think... and feel free to share with people who might have been hesitant to dive in!


  • The purpose of these screening salons is to build community and create ripples that support issues, ideas and initiatives as well as the individuals who address them.  

  • Online salons are free to attend because quality connection and quality content are key elements to positive growth and change.

  • Themes serve as a bridge for connection.

  • Because their work is so important, we invite you to contribute to the vision and work of our Featured Guests. 100% of these contributions will be passed onto them.​

  • Each salon is attended by at least one Featured Guest.  In the past we've hosted directors, producers, directors of photography, score composers as well as actors and others who appear on-screen. 

  • Salon participants are diverse and include thought leaders, do-ers, change makers and people like you. They come from both coasts and in between... and as far away as Lebanon, Pakistan and Australia.​

  • Online salons generally take place on Tuesday evenings, usually from 5 - 7:30pm Pacific Time.  Each salon needs to be booked separately, even if you book and entire series.

  • Reserve in advance.  Once a salon begins, no further reservations can be taken.

  • Salons usually last 2 to 2 ½ hours.   Join us 15 minutes early for the Meet and Greet, to settle in and for an on-time start. 


  • Our salons provide a setting where Featured Guests and their fellow participants each enrich the salons with their contributions, whether it's the screened content we watch or the comments we share with others in the salons as well as afterwards.

  • Our series format allows participants to be immersed with each other in the theme.  Each salon stands on its own, though the series format allows for a progressive experience over time. 

  • Screened content ranges from feature films and rough cuts to shorts, music videos, public service announcements and more. 

  • The last salon of each series is a 'closing salon' for a deeper dive into the theme and our experience of it.  

  • Single-session Pop-Up Salons Pop-Up happen as opportunities arise.

  • Talk time vs. screening time might vary, and programs are subject to change given the nature of life... and opportunities which might arise.

  • Online salons take place in Gallery View on Zoom.  In-person salons can be anywhere...  cinemas, private screening rooms, etc.

  • Before and after the salons, SSR Members can continue to connect via a dedicated Private Discussion Groups for each series.

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