About Stone Soup Ripple

Welcome to our community where you and other creative and curious individuals are invited to experience compelling themes with Featured Guests and group participation.  


Stone Soup Ripple (SSR) is where personal and professional lives intersect.  Christine Leuthold has a passion for creating ripples of connection, collaboration, friendship and more.  

A seasoned moderator, facilitator and listener, Christine has decades of experience in messaging, branding and programming, building bridges for outward connection and inner growth.  She has a special way of orchestrating  experiences that wake up the mind and the heart.  

Through SSR's in-person and online gatherings, workshops and private consulting, she encourages a ripple mindset for all who participate.  She's always finding opportunities to stir the pot, adding an extra ingredient or two along the way.​

So dive in and become a member and add your unique ingredients into our evolving community!  

Why Stone Soup Ripple? 


Community-building is in Christine's DNA.

Says Christine, "Whether we realize it or not, our ability to connect with others impacts every aspect of our lives, individually and collectively.  The practice, the art and the joy of connection is easily taken for granted and often completely overlooked."

As founder of Stone Soup Ripple, Christine Leuthold brings her heart as well as a career in the corporate, non-profit and private sectors to focus on the importance of authentic, meaningful, purposeful human connection. 

A lover of screened content (andTV Guide) when she was in her early teens, Christine tapped in to its allure at an early age.  She has had a lifelong passion for immersing herself in diverse perspectives, cultures and mindsets.


This fascination led to a heightened awareness of the potential ripple effects that arise from collective experiences.  She intuitively recognizes these ripples and knows how add momentum.  She does this in her in-person and on-online Stone Soup Ripple gatherings as well with corporate and private clients.

Content creation is woven through Christine's life as: 

  • Advisory Board Member of the 2022 Amelia Island Film Festival X Summit SouthEast

  • Producer and moderator of panels for the SCAD Savannah Film Festival and aTVfest

  • Former Co-Director of The Esalen Inspirational Film Festival

  • Producer of Film Forum's major first fundraising event honoring Louis Malle

  • Former Programming Chair of Kensington & Chelsea Women's Club

  • Member of KCRW’s Champions Committee (LA's public radio station)


Through Stone Soup Ripple as well as in her professional endeavors, Christine has a reputation for bringing two special ingredients to the table... her relationship-focused mindset and her highly-tuned intuition to make connections between disparate elements that ends up creating ripples of change.

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Christine Leuthold's career has spanned industries and sectors, while focused on organizational culture, stakeholder development, luxury branding and programming. 


In the 1980's, as Director of Public Relations for the Ralph Lauren Corporation, she was a pioneer of what has become Corporate Social Responsibility and the triple bottom line.  Ever since she has integrated the greater good into her professional endeavors. 

As a creative strategic thinker and masterful connector, she makes it look easy as she continues to work with senior leadership teams and others across industries, functions and sectors.  

Some Career Highlights:

  • Co-founding The Campaign for Peace and Reconciliation, New York & LA

  • Producing a top-security gathering for Nelson Mandela on his post-prison visit to New York

  • Leading a series of cause-related marketing, fundraising and philanthropic initiatives for The Ralph Lauren Corporation, New York

  • Launching a United Way family volunteering initiative in Atlanta

  • Collaboration with the Institute for Muslim, Christian & Jewish Studies in Baltimore and religious organizations in Atlanta 

  • Leading fundraising and outreach initiatives for Communities in Schools (CIS) in Atlanta