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About Stone Soup Ripple

Stone Soup Ripple (SSR) is where personal and professional lives intersect.  

Here, the focus is on building bridges for outward connection and inner growth. Our gatherings are designed to wake up the mind and the heart.  

So welcome to this community, where creative and curious individuals can experience compelling themes with Featured Guests and group participation.  


Christine Leuthold has a passion for creating ripples. A seasoned moderator, facilitator and listener, Christine has decades of experience in messaging, branding, as well as strong ties to the film industry. Through SSR, she is doing her part to build a ripple mindset in a world that is increasingly segmented. 

We invite you to dive in and become a Member and add your unique ingredients into our evolving community!  

Why Stone Soup Ripple? 


Community-building is in Christine Leuthold's DNA.


The way she sees it, our ability to truly connect with others and create community impacts every aspect of our lives, individually and collectively. The benefits are all too often overlooked.

As founder of Stone Soup Ripple, Christine brings her heart as well as a career in the corporate, non-profit and private sectors to focus on the importance of authentic, meaningful, purposeful human connection. 

As a lover of film (andTV Guide) when she was in her early teens, she tapped in to its allure at an early age.  It fed a lifelong passion for immersion in diverse perspectives, cultures and mindsets.


This fascination led to a heightened awareness of the potential ripple effects that arise from collective experiences.  


She intuitively recognizes these ripples and knows how add momentum.  She does this in her in-person and on-online Stone Soup Ripple gatherings as well with corporate and private clients.


Christine Leuthold's career has spanned industries and sectors, while focused on community building, branding, and stakeholder engagement.

She is the Director and an Executive Producer of In the Name of Hope, a feature-length documentary about the courageous journey from homelessness to home and the support partners that help make it happen.


She is also an Executive Producer of past Featured Guest Adam Schomer's upcoming film, Selling Superman and the Associate Producer of another doc feature featuring musical prodigy Russell Garcia.

As a creative strategic thinker and masterful connector, she makes it look easy as she continues to collaborate with senior leadership teams and others across industries, functions and sectors.  

Meet Christine...


Christine consistently brings a relationship-focused mindset and ability to strategically connect disparate elements to create short and long-term change.  

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