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Ripples are going strong! 
Check them out, as well as comments from Featured Guests and other salon participants.  We hope to see you at a future gathering, whether it's one of the public ones or a private one, customized for your organization's objectives.  

Past Programs & Featured Guests

  • The program information is terrific and inspiring.  We are honored to participate and to TAKE A STAND for menstrual justice. Thank you for your creativity and initiative. Your ideas are wonderful.

    • Melissa Berton, Producer, The Pad Project

  • Christine, your film salons create avenues for true connection and community.Watching amazing content together online and then diving into deep discussions is such a vital and vibrant platform during these times. It was such a joy to participate.  

    • Jeremy Seifert, Director & Cinematographer

  • What a gift you have created by holding these events. I feel revitalized as an artist, getting to see how these films land on people and what it sparks for them, and to offer my own backstory and reflections. It’s a special and generous group of people you’ve cultivated. ​

    • ​Gabriel Diamond, Video Producer, Skoll Foundation & Filmmaker, Outside Films. Featured Guest, Summer 2020 Salon Series​​

  • It was a genuine pleasure to work with Christine and SSR to produce the Listen, Learn… Speak series.  She has a remarkable ability to spark life-changing conversation by connecting humans with thought-provoking media.  

    • Erahm Christoper, Filmmaker, Social Strategist, Speaker, Featured Guest, Fall Salon Series

Featured Guests...

Salon Participants...

Some Recent SSR Ripples...

Connection from SSR gatherings happens in all sorts of ways.  Here are a few from online recent screening salons:

  • Featured Guest Reed Frerichs invited one of our SSR members to join their advisory board.  He also discovered lots of future 'lesson givers' for his emerging  platform. Reed is the Chief Creative Officer of The Lesson, which we experienced in the Spring '22 series, Vulnerability & Connection 


  • Also in the same series, in one of the breakout rooms, Angela connected with Michael, a fellow Bay Area resident. He now plans to  welcome her at one of the dinners that he and his wife host.  Angela has been attending SSR Screening Salons since they began...

  • Featured Guest Dulanie Ellis (Battleground Operations) introduced Christine to Sarkis Babayan who has been editing a trailer and video excerpt of a prior screening salon which is in the final stages.

  • Several films screened in SSR screening salons were shown at the 2022 Amelia Island Film Festival, one of SSR member Taylor Owenby's endeavors. Films featured were Disconnected, with past Featured Guest Meredith Thomas and several of Gabriel Diamond's films, one of which won the award for best documentary short.  

  • Another Amelia Island Film Festival ripple had Christine moderating 2 days of post-screening Q&A's (while keeping eyes out for future salon programming for SSR members and clients.)

  • ... and the stone soup supper that Christine had in her home in Spring, which brought together salon participants who, until then, hadn't met each other in person!


  • It was a gift to watch the film with the SSR community. I didn't know what to expect. Needless to say, I was blown away by the documentary and discussion. You've built something truly special.

    • Sheng Huang

  • When editing your video and trailer [of one of your salons}, I saw the effect the salon had on the participants. Today [in a different salon], I felt it.

    • Sarkis Babayan

  • Thank you again for last night.  I am interested in attending more in the future. Without a doubt, you have mastered how to connect interesting people to compelling content.

    • Erahm Christoper, Connection & Belonging (and subsequent Featured Guest)

  • What you’re doing is truly amazing, and I can’t wait to come again next week. So seriously, thank you. 

    • Hannah 

  • I’m so glad to be a part of SSR. This is such a vibrant group of people willing to share their thoughts. Definitely want to watch all the films in the next salon! 

    • Janelle Friedman

  • I don't think I realized how amazing your salon was going to be. It really did feel like a ripple. Not only was the music exceptional and in a league of it's own, but the way the event was hosted created a salon-like atmosphere with truly interesting and warm-hearted people.  I'm still reverberating from it all, including the impromptu music session at the end. I felt uplifted / calmed / hopeful/ comforted / in community. 

    • T.J.


  • You are doing important work. Keep on going! 

    • Alexandra Lajoux​​


  • Christine, thank you for connecting us and for inspiring deeper conversation and connection. Beautiful and courageous! 

    • Cynthia Good, Connection & Belonging

  • … yet another deeply meaningful and connecting evening.  I feel like I have stepped into a new world with these beautiful and open human beings who emanate so much love and authenticity.  I look so forward to next week already. 

    • Angela Weller

  • Thank you again, Christine for creating such powerful salons for us to explore intriguing conversations about pertinent, topical content! I look forward to each and every one of them. It's like opening a special gift each week from a friend who knows your soul and always finds the perfect present for you!

    • Karen Wood

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