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Building connection, community and ripples... 
to expand ideas, projects, businesses and lives
Welcome to Stone Soup Ripple

The name, Stone Soup Ripple, was inspired by a folk tale about collaboration and trust in which a magic stone and a kettle of water transform an entire village.  


In a very real way, Stone Soup Ripple is a village.  Here, everyone adds their voice into the mix.  We ask.  We listen... and we share.  And with Christine, stirring the pot, these ingredients can transform first encounters into ripples of collaboration, partnership, friendship and who knows what else.


In a world where people are talking at us... instead of with us, Stone Soup Ripple offers genuine connection and community.  So take a look around... "sign in to stay connected, join us at an Upcoming Gathering, add a ripple to our Discussions and Blog as part of this evolving community

We all have a magic stone. The challenge is to pick it up... and toss it in!

Listen to the story of Stone Soup, as told by Christine: 


Why Stone Soup Ripple?
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