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To introduce myself, my passion comes from my deep conviction that 'a high tide floats all boats'... and that the ripple effect that happens when we authentically connect.

I believe in the power of film and screened content, and bring it into much of what I do, including my screening salons and the feature-length documentary film I'm directing In the Name of Hope, about the journey from homelessness to 'home.'

My career focus continues to focus on organizational culture, stakeholder engagement, branding and programming... and I absolutely LOVE working with private and public sector leaders and others to identify the paths of least resistance to make magic happen.

So let's connect

Meet Christine


Based in LA & NY, Christine is a strategic innovator who creates, produces and disseminates impact-driven content for engagement and positive change. 


For her, it's about the ripples that happen when authentic connection happens.

In the 1980’s, she was at the forefront of what is now called Corporate Social Responsibility. As the Public Relations Director for Ralph Lauren Corporation, she first began creating and implementing brand-aligned social impact initiatives. Ever since, she has integrated the greater good into her professional endeavors, including as:


  • Director & Executive Producer of IN THE NAME OF HOPE, a feature-length documentary film about the journey from homelessness to "home."

  • Executive Director of SELLING SUPERMAN, about a 40-year secret comic book collection and a chance to rewrite the history of a family.

  • Producer and host of over 50 online forums featuring film and other screened content, focusing on topics ranging from Diversity & Inclusion and Taking a Stand to  Vulnerability, Connection & Belonging.


An ongoing theme in her work with clients as well as her talks, interviews, workshops, courses, and articles, is the importance of building and nurturing relationships and community. 

​Websites & Social


   Career Highlights

  • Co-founding The Campaign for Peace and Reconciliation, New York & LA

  • Producing a top-security gathering for Nelson Mandela on his post-prison visit to New York

  • Leading a series of cause-related marketing, fundraising and philanthropic initiatives for The Ralph Lauren Corporation, New York

  • Launching a United Way family volunteering initiative in Atlanta

  • Collaboration with the Institute for Muslim, Christian & Jewish Studies in Baltimore and religious organizations in Atlanta 

  • Leading fundraising and outreach initiatives for Communities in Schools (CIS) in Atlanta

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