SprinG '21 


DATES:  May 4, 11, 18 & 25

TIME:   5 - 7:30 pm PT / 8 - 10:30 pm ET

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  • May 25 salon ends 30 minutes earlier


THEME... Taking a Stand

What happens when we dare to go against the current... and stay the course?  

In this series, we will experience the trailblazers whose vision and conviction have revolutionized lives, mindsets, practices, policies... and generations.


May 4    A period should end a sentence, not a girl’s education.

  • Featured Guests:  

    • Melissa Berton, Producer of Academy Award Winning Film, Period. End of Sentence.

      • Executive Director of The Pad Project​

    • Ruby Schiff, Executive Producer of the Academy Award Winning Film, Period. End of Sentence.

      • Co-Founder of The Pad Project

  • Screened Content:  PERIOD.  END OF SENTENCE  

    • The film screened across the U.S. at film festivals in 2018, premiered on Netflix in February 2019... and won the 2019 Academy Award for Best Documentary Short. 

    • Trailer


May 11     "When You Control Seed, You Control Life on Earth."

  • Featured Guests:  Camilla & Jim Becket, who both directed and produced this life story of Vandana Shiva 

  • Screened Content:  THE SEEDS OF VANDANA SHIVA

    • This film will have its world premiere as the 'Centerpiece Film' at the Illuminate Film Festival in late May.  Dr. Shiva, said to be Monsanto’s worst nightmare, is at the forefront of the crusade for organic food systems, food justice and regenerative farming, which has already engaged millions around the world.

    • Trailer

May 18      "Save Everything."

  • Featured Guest:  Laura Turner Seydel, international environmental advocate and eco-living expert

    • Chair of Captain Planet Foundation

    • Director of Turner Foundation​






May 25     Closing Salon... Taking a Stand  *Salon ends 30 minutes earlier

  • Featured Guests:  Our Entire Group

  • Screened Content:  As always, this final session focuses on integration, connection and ripples. To create the space for this deeper dive, screened content is not presented



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Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 6.07.05 PM.png
  • Screened Content: TED TURNER:  CAPTAIN PLANET

    • Produced by CNN International and hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, this documentary spotlights Ted Turner's pioneering conservation efforts across his properties and elsewhere.

    • Trailer

  • Online screening salons are free to attend

  • UPDATE:  To reserve, first join as a Member... it's free, easy and cancellable

  • 100% of voluntary contributions go to our Featured Guests.

Stay Tuned...
Summer '21 Pop-Up 



Plans are underway but it's under wraps for now.  Expect to join us for an in-person gathering in a unique setting.  As usual we will come together to add our own special ingredients, but this time, we will be in person in the LA area.


For now, all we can say is... YES! 

LOCATION:  Los Angeles Area

DATE / TIME:  tba