Meet our featured guests... 
Adam Schomer & Michael Mollura

Adam Schomer

Creator / Director / Producer

Adam is known for going to extreme places and lengths to follow heroic stories Director-Producer credits include THE HIGHEST PASS (2012) THE POLYGON (2014), ONE LITTLE PILL (2015), HEAL (2017) a #1 iTunes Best Seller and Netflix, WOMEN OF THE WHITE BUFFALO (2019)... and THE ROAD TO DHARMA (2020) a 10 episode DocuSeries which takes us on motorcycles through the Himalayas in a search for what it means to be free. Adam is president of i2i Productions: Uniting Through Wisdom and Entertainment


Facebook:   @TheHighestPass 

Instagram: @i2iProductions  


Throughout the series, viewers are guided by Anand Mehrotra. 
Born in the birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh, Anand has unprecedented access to sacred historical and spiritual destinations. Not your typical Indian yogi, he is young, fearless, provoking others to push boundaries, both physical and mental.  In THE ROAD TO DHARA, Anand guides a diverse group of adventurers on a harrowing journey of motorcycling sheer cliff roads and hiking trails deep into the Himalayas to experience a powerful and unique pilgrimage.


Anand is a Himalayan Master Teacher, having founded the Sattva Yoga Academy, The Sattva Centre in Rishikesh, Sattva’s Kushi Foundation for children, and the Sattva Women’s Foundation. He has appeared in the acclaimed documentaries AWAKE: THE STORY OF YOGANANDA, THE HIGHEST PASS, and the TV-Series YOGIC PATHS and THE ROAD TO DHARMA.





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Stone Soup Ripple brings people together for connection that moves us forward, personally and professionally.  This is what Founder Christine Leuthold refers to as ‘the ripple"... those planned and unplanned forces that transform initial encounters into much more. 

Here are a few ways we do this:

  • We create unique opportunities that blend compelling content with Featured Guests and meaningful group interaction,

  • We provide a way for participants to Add a Ripple via voluntary contributions, of which 100% go to support the vision and work of Featured Guests,

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  •  The SSR Blog is an open forum for all who visit and invites contributors.


Michael Mollura

PhD, MA, MFA Clinical Psychologist, Film / Television Music Composer

Michael's music compositions have added depth and originality to theater, cinema, TV, commercial and world music genres in countless ways for over 30 years. His unique perspective brings authenticity, compassion and enthusiasm to all of his projects and keeps viewers engaged, touched and inspired.

The composer of CLIMATE REFUGEES, AWAKE: THE LIFE OF YOGANANDA, THE HIGHEST PASS, HARE KRISHNA and HEAL, he is widely recognized and respected in the entertainment, academic and spiritual communities.  As a music master, he blends traditional Eastern musicality and Western minimalism, backed with trained intelligence from New York University, the University of Miami and the Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Informing Michael's work as a composer is his clinical psychotherapy practice, based in Beverly Hills.  He holds a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology using a Jungian lens as well as two Masters degrees in the study of music and behavioral performance.  His work with clients includes composing music to accompany their dreams as a means of accessing deeper experiences and facilitate healing. 

A born and raised New Yorker, he calls Los Angeles home, but New York will always be in his DNA.