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Dulanie Ellis 

Filmaker, Consultant, Resource Networker, Walk Your Talk Productions

Dulanie was a Script Supervisor on production crews for feature films and television for 15 years in Hollywood.  Motherhood and living in Ojai convinced her to shift to locally produced documentaries.  She became Associate Producer at Tell the Truth Pictures in Ojai, producing four documentaries about social justice and civil rights issues. The 3-person film team made films for HBO and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Their last film together, Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks, was nominated for an Academy Award.


A consuming desire to learn what it would take to protect the farmland in her beautiful Ventura County prompted Dulanie to launch Walk Your Talk Productions.  Once she entered the world of sustainable agriculture, she was hooked.  As she served on Ag committees and become an Agtavist, the film topics kept coming.  Farmland protection through Smart Growth strategies, the need for decent housing for farm workers, environmental stewardship of agriculture, the home-farming trend in suburbia.  All these issues, the people, the land and her passion were preparations for the greatest story of her career, Ground Operations: Battlefields to Farmfields.


What began as a film evolved into a 10-year social action campaign, connecting combat veterans with the resources they need to build a new life in organic, regenerative farming and ranching.


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Meredith Thomas


With over 140 film and television titles under her belt, she clearly hasn’t stopped working since her start as a child actor.

As a producer, Meredith has made inclusion her passion. In 2018 she created a charity event called FYC Independents to provide a platform to underrepresented talent including people of color, performers with disabilities, LGBTQ talent and women. The FYC Independents' movement helped lead to countless Emmy® Nominations and wins, including the first black married couple ever nominated together for Primetime Emmy® in the same year,  the first out trans actor nominated for an acting Emmy® Award and a Leading Actor Daytime Emmy®  Nomination for a project she produced,  $TACK$. 

As a child, Meredith decided that her mission in life was to foster hope. She does this through her charitable work for veterans, disabled children, voting accessibility and blood donation. She is a longtime head mentor for public school 5th graders and an animal foster through several rescues. As a founding director of the Cre Theater Company and Changing Perceptions, she has written, directed, and produced theater for visually disabled actors.


Jeannette Godoy

Director, Disconnected 

Filmmaker & Storyteller


Jeannette is a first generation, Mexican American filmmaker and storyteller, Jeannette comes to directing from a varied and eclectic background, starting her career as a choreographer where she worked in film, television and commercials. 

The topics Jeannette chooses to explore and the way she works her craft leave lasting impressions on audiences. Her work as a director includes Free 2 Be Me, The Audition and Pure Corazón.


Disconnected recently won Best of Show at the Huntington Film Festival. If her production schedule permits, Jeannette will join us on November 9th.


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Lisa Gossels

Director/Producer, Writer, Film Consultant & Guest Educator

As a social issue documentarian, Lisa's films have garnered 20 honors and awards and have aired on HBO and PBS. She believes in the power of film to create social change, and through her films, talks and workshops, she does just that.

Her first film, the Emmy® Award-winning The Children of Chabannes has been praised as "One of the most heartening Holocaust films ever made - splendid, informative and emotionally involving." (L.A. Times)

My So-Called Enemy, which received 10 awards including Best Conflict & Resolution Film at the Hamptons International Film Festival, has been cited as “A powerful exploration of both the pain and growth that real listening brings in a situation of conflict.” 

Lisa has traveled extensively with her documentaries: guest teaching at high schools and universities and engaging youth, secular and faith communities in dialogue.

When not working on her own projects, Lisa consults with documentarians on all aspects of the making and marketing of their movies.  A Brown University graduate, she founded Good Egg Productions in 1996.  She is currently based in Greater Boston, after 3 decades in New York City.

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Justin Schein

Documentary Director and Cinematographer

Justin has been making character-driven documentaries for more than 25 years. Left On Purpose (2016) is his most recent film as Director, which won the Audience Award at DOCNYC.  It recounts his friendship with an aging anti-war activist whose last political act will be to take his own life. His 2009 film No Impact Man premiered at Sundance and screened around the world.

As a cinematographer, Justin has worked on over 60 films for broadcasters including HBO, Nat Geo, BBC, Discovery, and PBS, taking him from the White House to Iraq with Kofi Annan to Ground Zero in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

Most recently Justin was cinematographer on Crip Camp (Netflix), which won the Audience Award at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Documentary Feature for the 2021 Oscars.

Justin received his Masters Degree in Documentary Film from Stanford University and co-founded Shadowbox Films in 1998.  A current project is Death and Taxes, a personal documentary about income inequality and the American Dream through the lens of the estate tax.

Justin lives in Brooklyn with his wife, filmmaker Eden Wurmfeld, and their sons Micah and Jesse.





Joline Makhlouf Rukab

Pilot, film producer, reporter, consultant


Born and raised in the conflict torn city of Jerusalem, Joline earned her pilot’s license from the Royal Jordanian Air Academy, making her Palestinian's first female pilot. She received additional airline training in Canada and worked as a flight instructor in Jordan. Joline has worked as a facilitator at Face to Face/Faith to Faith, Building Bridges for Peace and Seeds of Peace, organizations which bring together youth from conflict zones, including Palestine-Israel.

Unable to pursue a career in aviation due to the ongoing turmoil in the region, she joined Just Vision, a nonprofit that produces media and educational tools highlighting Palestinian and Israeli grassroots efforts in achieving a just solution in the region. She was a producer of the award-winning documentary Encounter Point and an advisor for the award-winning documentary My So-Called Enemy.

Joline worked as a reporter and producer for Al-Arabiya news channel in New York and recently completed her bachelor’s degree in aviation management at Farmingdale State University of New York.


Joline lives in New Jersey with her husband and three children and is pursuing a master’s degree in international relations.



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