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My name is Paul Luna. I am a chef. I have started a series of virtual interviews on YouTube, which is on the verge of entering into the kitchens and living rooms of interviewees’ homes.

I go to interviewees’ homes and they are the celebrity. We cook together, and we talk about what they’re up to: a book release, a commissioned artwork they are working on, a new jewelry design, a new solo song. The series are not just about artists. It’s about human beings, their crafts, trades and livelihoods.

We eat, drink and just shoot the shit/shoot the breeze, and we capture it all on camera.

There is an enormous amount of people who are entrepreneurs, artists, cooks, graffiti artists, singers, jewelry makers, clothing designers, film makers, etc. They go unnoticed to the public at large. Whether or not they have talent is unimportant, it is not for us (humanity) to judge.

With this show I want to shine a spotlight on the talent that’s hidden in plain sight.

If you or someone you know have/has a gift worth sharing and airing let me know. I’d love to talk to you.

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Paul Luna

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