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Word of Mouth from Past Featured Guests & Participants

Sept 30, 2020

It is so deeply gratifying to hear about people's experiences at our gatherings. Here are some comments from the past two screening salon series, The Road to Dharma and Connection & Belonging. Thank you to all for adding your unique ingredients into what ended up being the most delicious recipes for connection, conversation and ripples...

Featured Guests: Christine, your film salons create avenues for true connection and community. Watching amazing content together online and then diving into deep discussions is such a vital and vibrant platform during these times. It was such a joy to participate. - Jeremy Seifert, Director & Cinematographer. Featured Guest, Summer 2020 Salon Series What a gift you have created by holding these events. I feel revitalized as an artist, getting to see how these films land on people and what it sparks for them, and to offer my own backstory and reflections. It’s a special and generous group of people you’ve cultivated. Thanks again for all you do. - Gabriel Diamond, Video Producer, Skoll Foundation & Filmmaker, Outside Films. Featured Guest, Summer 2020 Salon Series Thank you so much, Christine, for an enriching evening. In a time when it's not as easy to practice our craft, nights like these are a rewarding experience. - Candice Holdorf, Author, Screenwriter, Producer, Director. Featured Guest, Summer 2020 Salon Series Thank you SO much for including Playdate Theatre in your screening series, and thank you to everyone who joined us last night! It was such a special experience to experience how our content was able to connect and inspire. - Talia Light Rake, Founder and Artistic Director, Playdate Theatre. Featured Guest, Summer 2020 Salon Series Christine, I love your Stone Soup metaphor and it was a privilege to be a part of your warm and inclusive salon. Thanks for allowing us to be yet another ripple in your ever-widening stone soup circle. - Mark Feuerstein, Actor, Director and Producer of Playdate Theater's Virtual Theater Festival. Featured Guest, Summer 2020 Salon Series What an overwhelming joy it was to showcase my docuseries, THE ROAD to DHARMA, through this StoneSoup forum and discussion. This is Incredibly unique and so rewarding on a deep and personal level. It’s so rare to get to engage with those that watch and really contemplate your work. It was that personal feeling and knowing of real impact that really keeps one reminded that media can impact lives. - Adam Schomer, Director Producer, i2i Productions. Featured Guest, Spring 2020 Salon Series Past Participants: Thank you again for last night. I really enjoyed the conversation and content. I am interested in attending more in the future. Without a doubt, you have mastered how to connect interesting people to compelling content. - Erahm Christoper… and upcoming Featured Guest, Fall 2020 Salon Series Powerful session. Amazing stories and storytellers. - Charlie Sheppard Tonight was fantastic. You are really on to - wow - wow filling such a need. People love this community. - Corinne Bourdeau What a fun night! I loved the shorts on zoom dating, and like Angela, realized I might be able to do that! I cherish our Tuesday salons. Christine, you have built such profound connections and have selected the most unique and wonderful pieces of culture and art to share with us. I so look forward to our gatherings. Xoxo - Karen Wood Christine, thank you for connecting us and for inspiring deeper conversation and connection. Beautiful and courageous! - Cynthia Good I have been moved by all of the RTD sessions, seeing a profound shift and re-awakening of my inner self… These Tuesday evenings… [have been] eye-opening, heart-opening and spirit opening, as well... I learn so much. I would welcome [an 11th session] with these salon-mates as “a community”, especially as we all ponder the integration of what we learned and/or discovered on The Road To Dharma, and look forward to your next Stone Soup Ripple Salons. - Mark Ross Thanks so much for a really interesting and thought-provoking experience. Very glad to be a part of this! - Ani Ohanessian Very special evening - ❤️❤️❤️ - Denise Miller Thank you again Christine for creating such a beautiful salon series. It has opened my heart and helped sustain me during these challenging times. Count me in for the next series for sure. I’m definitely craving something that will speak to healing the divide among us. - Karen Wood … yet another deeply meaningful and connecting evening. I feel like I have stepped into a new world with these beautiful and open human beings who emanate so much love and authenticity. I look forward to these screening salons so much. I love that I carve out time to watch the films for the screening salons and I get to be fully present for every moment. I look so forward to next week already. With so much appreciation. - Angela Weller And again, many thanks to you, Christine for your heart, insight, integrity and tireless efforts to make these salons happen. - Mark Ross Christine, thank you again. I was moved in different ways by each session. - Matthew Gilbert, Founder, Cinema Noēsis: Films for Evolving Minds

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