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Women, Expression & Healing: Screening Salon

Healing has been one of the most powerful forms of expression throughout the ages and it’s more important than ever.

Today on International Women’s Day, I’ve been thinking about our healers, our guardian angels. Many of them were women. One in particular was Mariah Gladis, who healed so many lives, including mine.

Some of the most profound healers had to heal themselves along the way. Mariah was no different. In her memoir, Tales of a Wounded Healer, she writes in the Prologue:

My life began in an alcohol-saturated womb… By the time I was two and a half my parents had divorced and I would spend the remainder of my young life as an only child with a single, depressed, severely alcoholic mother…

This little girl grew up, and at age 33, she received a diagnosis of ALS / Lou Gehrig’s Disease and was given only a 10% chance to live for two years… And yet, Mariah not only lived over 3 decades beyond her death sentence, she become one of America’s most beloved and respected psychotherapists.

In tomorrow’s Stone Soup Ripple Screening Salon, we will get to know Mariah through the eyes of our Featured Guests, her husband Ron Gladis and their son, Coleman Gladis, a film & television director & producer. As part of the salon, Coleman will be sharing a rough cut excerpt of his film MARIAH. (trailer)

  • If you’ve already booked, we’ll see you tomorrow at 5pm PT / 8pm ET. *Ron will also be joining us for the closing salon on March 16th

  • To RSVP or share this with others, here's the direct link to book .

  • For more details, go to the Upcoming page and Meet our Featured Guests.

  • There is no cost to attend, but 100% of all contributions will go to support the ripples of this series’ Featured Guests.

I’m beyond grateful and honored that Ron and Coleman will be joining us. We are looking forward to spending time with everyone who will be participating tomorrow as well as in the closing salon of this series on March 16th.

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