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What the World Needs Now is... Joy! (a 48-hour global event starting today)

Watch Mission: JOY in its entirety for FREE for 48 hours!

When the world is facing grave challenges, people of conscience DO something about it. In 8 hours from now artists, athletes, and thought leaders around the world are coming together to UNITE FOR JOY. Of course, you're invited!

Those of you participated in my Spring Screening Salon Series, Vulnerability & Connection got to connect with my Featured Guest, Peggy Callahan, the Producer & Co-Director of the film that we experienced together, Mission: JOY - Finding Happiness in Troubled Times..

We hinted at a 48-hour global happening that was in the works. Well here it is.. yet another demonstration of the power of group connection, but this time it will be at a global level:

  • For 48 hours starting today at 5pm PT / 8pm ET (or 2 in the morning in Paris, where I am now) people around the world can watchMission: JOY for absolutely FREE.

  • This is because the single request of the two subjects of the film, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, was that their message be made available and accessible to people around the world.

  • And thanks Facebook and our growing list of Co-Hosts including: Sir Richard Branson, Forest Whitaker, Gloria Estefan, Cher, Kevin Love, Jay Shetty & Pat Mitchell that will happen.

As of this morning, the combined social media followings of our Co-Hosts was over 247 million people... and counting. That's because more are signing on by the hour.

3 ASAPs:

  1. RSVP here (by clicking the 'Going' button on Facebook).

  2. SHARE: Do as the Co-Hosts are doing & add some serious ripples.

  3. WATCH: During the 48-hour time frame, click on Mission: JOY's Facebook page to watch the film (June 2nd at 5pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) through June 4th at 5pm PDT)

Also, like the private discussion groups in my screening salons, everyone is invited to add their comments on the Facebook feed.

Peggy sent me and email update earlier today so see what she has to say below. Here's to the ripples that allow ideas and lives to expand!


From Peggy earlier today:

Hi All,

Sharing some JOY with you below! Many of you made all this possible.

Thank you!

Peggy The world can use the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu's film these days.

Tomorrow artists, athletes, and thought leaders around the world are coming together to UNITE FOR JOY. As you know you're invited. Our Co-Hosts will be sharing the wisdom (and laughter--lots of laughter) of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the Dalai Lama through the award-winning film, Mission: JOY - Finding Happiness in Troubled Times. Absolutely free.

Some of our Co-Hosts, with more coming on as I write this, include:

  • Sir Richard Branson, entrepreneur and humanitarian, founder of Virgin Unite, co-founder of The B Team, and a leader in groups such as The Elders, Carbon War Room, and Ocean United

  • Kristen Bell, acclaimed actress, singer, and activist

  • Forest Whitaker, Academy Award winning actor, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and Special Envoy for Peace and Reconciliation

  • Gloria Estefan, "Queen of Latin Pop", has had 38 #1 hits across Billboard charts, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

  • Cher, "Goddess of Pop Music", one of the only artists to have won an Emmy, a Grammy AND an Academy Award, one of the best-selling music artists of all time

  • Kevin Love, 5-time NBA All-Star, winner of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award

  • Jay Shetty, former monk, New York Times best-selling author, Chief Purpose Officer of the Calm meditation app company

  • Naeema Butt, actor, humanitarian, and former member of the Pakistani national soccer team

Also... there's going to be a BIG PARTY in the comments, so thank you in advance for joining us to create more JOY for yourself and for the world.

It's a goooood place to be. See you there!

Celebrating with you,

Peggy, Jolene, and the entire Mission: JOY team P.S. JOIN THE JOY! We're excited to see you tomorrow right HERE. Peggy Callahan, Mission: JOY Co-Director and Producer, and Impact Director Jolene Smith, Mission: JOY Impact Producer

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