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Supreme Court Filming & This Tuesday, April 30th:  HOME, with Tess Cacciatore

Updated: Apr 25

This Tuesday at 5 - 6:30pm PT / 8 - 9:30pm ET, join us online for continued content and conversation in this Spring Screening Salon Series, HOPE, SWEET HOPE. My Featured Guest is Tess Cacciatore, filmmaker and Global CEO and Founder of GWEN (The Global Womens Empowerment Network). (Scroll down for more.)

Filming in D.C., The Supreme Court & Johnson vs. Grants Pass

On Monday April 22nd I was in Washington, D.C. at the Supreme Court with my In the Name of Hope team. We were there to film events surrounding the Johnson vs Grants Pass case. We interviewed people from all around the country, including Caitlyn.

Here's an excerpt.  (pictured here with me and my producer, Steven Ullman.)

To share some thoughts from that experience and my broader perspecrtive on the issue of housing, housing insecurity, and homelessness, I've been focused on this for decades. It started even before I wrote my book, Comfort Living... (I always forget when that was, but I think it was in 2002.)

The Tuesday Supreme Court rally and press conference reinforced to me the stark reality that temporary housing, whether in tents, shelters, benches, sofas, abandoned structures, cars, motels or elsewhere, is only a first step.

In order to prevent and eliminate homelessness, what is needed is permanent, stable, affordable housing, coupled with support services. That way, those who have been formerly unhoused can remain housed and move forward in their lives. That is exactly what the film we're making is about. It's not only about personal stories, but also about the courage it takes to crawl out of homelessness and the support partners that make it possible.

I'm grateful that we have our own support partners, including The National Coalition for the Homeless, Covenant House, and the Westside Food Bank, with more to come.

Please consider supporting us. Click here to make a donation via our fiscal sponsor, The Film Collaborative.

... And now back to the current screening salon series, HOPE, SWEET HOPE and my next Featured Guest Tess Cacciatore.

Tess will join us with her award-winning, heart-pounding short film, The Rescue. It is based on a true story about human trafficking. This film won the Social Justice Award at the Cannes World Film Festival and the award for Best Female Director at the Whistleblowers Film Festival in Washington, DC.  

I hope you'll join us. It's an important topic that we all can become more aware of since victims of human traficking are often in plain sight, without our being aware of it. Plus, Tess is an amazing person, and I know everyone who participates will love getting to know her!


Here are the Quick Links to book salons and to the series program.

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