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Sundance Goes Virtual: 5 Pros & 2 Tips

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Jan 10, 2021

It definitely won't be the same, BUT it's still a time to experience #screenedcontent premieres from around the world in ways that bring us together from 1/28 through 2/3.

5 Pros to a Virtual #SundanceFilmFestival:

1. Buying tickets is really easy

2. The price is right at $15 per ticket in addition to festival passes

3. There's no waiting in the cold

4. No rushing to get from one venue to another 5. ... and back to #1, here's the link to Purchase Tickets & Passes

2 Tips: 1. The Awards Pass:

For $100, you'll get access to the best of the festival on Feb. 3rd, the final day of the festival. For me, that will be a day for some solid binge watching. 2. Single Tickets Made Easy:

On the Purchase page, where it states "Single Film Ticket", look right next to it for (in SMALL type) "SELECT A SCREENING". Click on that and a list of films/times will pull up, then, one by one, you can add each film to your cart and check out when you're ready. My Current Plans: - Rebel Hearts - Jan 26, 6pm - Ailey - Jan 30, 9am - My Name is Pauli Murray - Jan 31, 3pm - Life in a Day 2020 - Feb 1, 3pm - Awards Day - Feb 3rd, a day with full access to all of the award-winning films Be in touch if you've got something I should see and would love to compare notes as we go!


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