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Series Starts Tomorrow... Join us

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Tomorrow, Feb 23 - March 16th, we will immerse in THE POWER OF EXPRESSION. Each of the 4 salons of this Winter Screening Salon Series starts at 5pm PT / 8pm ET. You may attend one salon or the entire series.

* Please note that you still have to reserve the salon date... even if you've signed in for 'Updates Only' or 'Joined as a Member.'


Go to either the Home or Upcoming or Members page and click on the orange 'Join as Member' button.


After you've checked out the Upcoming page for the program details, click on the orange button to Reserve & Support...

Scroll to the date of the salon click on the salon time and press Next. (Repeat for each salon.)

(See the shaded box for the step-by-step.)

Fyi, SSR Members have access to:

- the Discussions Forum

- the Members' Area

- Participants of any gathering must be members to have access the Private Discussion Group for that particular Series or Pop-Up Gathering.

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