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Screening Salons: A Glimpse

If you've been thinking to join one of these, here's a glimpse of what's in store for the Winter Series as well as a couple of comments from our Year-End Pop-Up.

Also check out What's a Screening Salon... and of course the Upcoming page for what's next. Dive in, you'll be glad you did!

A Glimpse of the Winter Series: The Power of Expression

  • Four salons exploring THE POWER OF EXPRESSION, starting on Tuesday February 23rd.

  • Joining us with their content are four wonderful and talented Featured Guests (see below).

  • As always, no one is at a podium because we all have a seat at the proverbial (Zoom) table as we ask, answer, listen and share.

  • Check the Upcoming page for the program and to reserve your place.

  • In lieu of a booking fee, you can make a contribution to support our Featured Guests and help their ripples expand.

Our Featured Guests are:

  • Tim Seelig is the Artistic Director of the SF Gay Men's Chorus, the subject of the film GAY CHORUS DEEP SOUTH.

  • Jill Demby-Guest is an Emmy-nominated, award-winning producer, writer and director who will reveal a fascinating look at expression through her content related to the TV series WEST WING and the film, NATIONAL TREASURE.

  • Cole Gladis is a film & television director & producer. We will be seeing a rough cut excerpt of a film in progress about Mariah Gladis, a renowned pioneer in gestalt therapy and Cole's mother, MARIAH.

  • Ron Gladis is the Executive Director, Pennsylvania Gestalt Center and the President, Mariah Fenton Gladis Foundation.

Comments from Past Salon with Featured Guest Michael Mollura: Music & Our Dreams:

I don't think I realized how amazing your salon was going to be. It really did feel like a ripple. Not only was the music exceptional and in a league of it's own, but the way the event was hosted created a salon-like atmosphere with truly interesting and warm-hearted people. I'm still reverberating from it all, including the impromptu music session at the end. I felt uplifted / calmed / hopeful/ comforted / in community. - T.J.

Working with Christine Leuthold is transformational... It is so rare to find someone who is committed and authentic in her mission to connect likeminded others and to turn people on to new ideas with discussion. Christine is one of a kind and I can’t wait to work with her again. - Featured Guest Dr. Michael Mollura, PhD, MA, MFA Clinical Psychologist, Film / Television Music Composer


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