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Ripples Now, Then... & Coming Soon

Sept 20, 2020 Ever since Stone Soup Ripple soft-launched last December in New York, there have been all kinds of ripples among those of you who have participated in SSR gatherings. Even with a global pandemic upon us and a hard stop to in-person gatherings as we shelter in place,

here are just a few which resulted from the last two screening salon series, Connection & Belonging and The Road to Dharma:

  • new friendships were nurtured through texts, emails and calls as well as socially-distanced walks and even sign-ups for services offered,

  • much-needed words and other gestures of support went to those of you enduring the fires in Northern California,

  • films, poems and prayers were recommended as inspiration during very challenging times,

  • books were snail-mailed from author to participants (thank you for your “give”, Featured Guest Candice Holdorf).

  • and new collaborations are in the works as I write this, including Gabriel Diamond and Candice Holdorf’s second-ever online Vulnerable Rally at an upcoming conference for women in business, hosted by salon participant (and poet) Cynthia Good and her organization Little Pink Book.

  • another ripple was Stone Soup Ripple hosting the very first online Vulnerable Rally during the closing session of our Connection & Belonging Summer Screening Salon Series which was more of a magic boulder than a magic stone.)

… and that doesn't even factor in the ripples-in-formation that have yet to emerge. While the Ripple Forums were being set up on this new website (huge shout out to the folks at My Tribe), I was receiving comments from participants that might have posted here. So in the spirit of the ripple, scroll down to and you’ll see them below. I shared these in my post-salon emails to attendees, so please continue to share, listen, learn and speak in the Forum, in the upcoming fall Screening Salon Series, Listen, Learn... Speak, on social media and, if you are a member of Stone Soup Ripple, in our Members Forum. We underestimate the impact of how the smallest ripple, perhaps just a few words, can have the power to add momentum for an idea or project. That’s one of the core beliefs of Stone Soup Ripple… to support and activate positive change… intentionally and collaboratively. Speaking of ripples, my introduction to the Featured Guest for our upcoming Fall Screening Salon Series, Listen, Learn… Speak was a ripple that took a long time to develop. Bill Brawner is someone whom I met five years ago and we have stayed loosely in touch. When I invited him to attend the series, he did. So where's the ripple in this? Bill also introduced me to Erahm Christopher, who turned out to be the perfect Featured Guest with the most timely screened content for the upcoming Fall Screening Salon Series. This is to say that sometimes ripples take time to be recognized, but if we keep stirring, they will definitely surface! So read on for comments from others below, and I’ll look forward to seeing you on November 10, 17, 24 and Dec 1... for the whole series or whatever might work for you. I can assure you, we’re in for a real treat! Here’s to the ripples making their way to the surface, Christine

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