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YES, Ripples Happen When People Really Connect

I'm getting ready to head to Europe for a few weeks, so look for me on Instagram and Facebook @StoneSoupRipple rather than here.

Though I'll be moving around, I will definitely be in Stone Soup Ripple mode. This includes when I'll be in Provence to take part in the SCAD Luberon Film Festival. The festival is being launched as part of the year-long celebration of the 20th anniversary of SCAD's extraordinary campus in the perched village of Lacoste, France.

Before I take off, I just have to share some of the ripples that have been happening as this community continues its journey. Some ripples have been been gradually building while others happened during our Spring Screening Salon Series, Connection & Belonging.

Speaking of the Spring series, a quick side note:

If you were able to participate, you know how very special it was. Of course the screened content we experienced together was truly fabulous, as were my Featured Guests who enthusiastically joined in, but what made each salon of the series so special was the group conversation and sense of connection that evolved over the 4 salons.

Here are a few participant comments, with more here:

  • What you’re doing is truly amazing, and I can’t wait to come again next week. So seriously, thank you. - H

  • It was terrific, and the movie was so good on so many levels. I’m so glad to be a part of SSR. This is such a vibrant group of people willing to share their thoughts. Definitely want to watch all the films in the next salon! - JF

  • Wonderful film, impressive series. I hope to join you again! - MG

  • Thank you for a beautiful evening of vulnerability and sharing our stories. - KW

  • ... I personally got so much out of it and the lessons will continue to create ripples in my life and in those that my work touches. - SH

And now, back to the ripples... Here are a just 6 of them:

  1. Featured Guest Reed Frerichs invited one of our SSR members to join his Advisory Board. He also discovered lots of future 'lesson givers' for his emerging platform. (Reed is the Chief Creative Officer of The Lesson, which we experienced in the Spring '22 series, Vulnerability & Connection. )

  2. Featured Guest Dulanie Ellis (Battleground Operations) introduced Christine to Sarkis Babayan who has been editing a trailer and video excerpt of a prior screening salon which is in the final stages.

  3. Several films screened in SSR screening salons were shown at the 2022 Amelia Island Film Festival, one of SSR member Taylor Owenby's endeavors. Films featured were Disconnected, with past Featured Guest Meredith Thomas and several of Gabriel Diamond's films, one of which won the award for best documentary short.

  4. Another Amelia Island Film Festival ripple had me moderating 2 days of post-screening Q&A's (while keeping eyes out for future salon programming for SSR members and clients.)

  5. Also in the Spring series, in one of the breakout rooms, Angela connected with Michael, a fellow B

ay Area resident. He now plans to welcome her at one of the dinners that he and his wife host. Angela has been attending SSR Screening Salons since they began...

  1. ... and I almost forgot the stone soup supper that I had in my home after the series ended. It was so great to be in person with friends and some of the SSR members who, until then, hadn't met each other in person (and yes, the food and drink ingredients that everyone added into the mix were sooo yummy!)

​​​​So this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you're reading this and want to add a couple of your own, please do and join us in fall for the next series and see for yourself. In the meantime, I'll see you on Instagram and Facebook...

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