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Recap: Our Music & Our Dreams w/ Michael Mollura

Dec 31, 2020

What a truly wonderful experience we had together on this last full moon of 2020! My heartfelt thanks to each of you for adding your unique ingredients… and especially to Featured Guest Michael Mollura for sharing his time, knowledge and immense talent so generously with us… and also to Christo Pellani for leading us into Michaels’ harmonium invocation that set the tone for a new year.

Yet again, the time just flew by. Even with two whole hours, there is always still SO much more to say and share, whether it’s when we’re all together or in breakout rooms. But the GOOD NEWS is that:

The Winter Screening Salon Series is coming up in February,

  • Right now, you can continue the conversation, right here… So go ahead and jump in with more sound images, full moon or dream experiences and any other thoughts that come to mind,

  • So I’ll go first. See below.

As always, feel free to be in touch, and thank you again for immersing in an essential part of life at ANY time, not just during a pandemic… genuine connection.

Happy New Year,



As I said, the name Stone Soup Ripple is inspired by a folk tale. A micro version is on the Home page where you can also listen to the story as told by me. The story shows what can happen when people gather as individuals and look beyond their own needs and wants. I call them ripples, and whether they are visible or not, they're what the SSR community is all about.


  • For Dr. Michael Mollura, the PhD clinical psychologist, click here.

  • And for Michael, the award-winning composer of feature films and more, click here.

  • I highly recommend Michael’s original score on the docuseries, THE ROAD TO DHARMA, created, produced and directed by Adam Schomer who was with us last night... and extra points if you can resist binge watching!

  • … Also stay on the lookout for Michael’s original score in IRON LIONS, a sports film about the 2012 Penn State Football Team that rose from the ashes to epitomize "Success With Honor."


Please feel free to revisit the 25 minute profile on Michael, The Healer… and in the spirit of the ripple, to share it as well.

Who knows, a simple "share" might end up as a ripple that connects someone to his clinical psychology practice or to someone searching for just the right composer for an upcoming project.

4. & MORE RIPPLES from US:

Plans are already underway for an array of 2021 Screening Salons. As always, expect to connect with Featured Guests and others with interesting perspectives for thought-providing conversations that are at the heart of Stone Soup Ripple.

Here’s a glimpse:

  • The Winter Screening Salon Series will focus on Expression & Ripples. Expect 3 salons, on consecutive Tuesdays, starting in mid-February. (Tentative dates: Feb. 17 & 24, March 3, from 5-7:30 pm PT / 8-10:30 pm ET)

  • The Spring Series is not far behind and will probably take place in May.


… And speaking of expression, how about adding some more ingredients to our collective kettle? Click on the comment bubble on the lower left of this post and toss yours in!

Ps. If you already know you’ll want second helpings of Stone Soup Ripple, we’d love to welcome you as a subscribing Member.


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