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Online Tomorrow: Heading to China with the film, 'Finding Courage'

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

It's hard for us to believe that the film in tomorrow's online screening salon, Finding Courage, is true. Unfortunately it is and it continues.

If you've already booked your spot, prepare to immerse yourself in a modern-day China that we don't often read about in the newspapers. With Kay Rubacek, Producer & Co-Director of the film, Finding Courage. we explore the series theme in a completely different way.

* If you want to join us, click to book now. (Due to the film length, we'll end 30 minutes later than usual.

Meanwhile last week, with 9/11: Stories of Sacrifice & Service, we heard the stories retold by those who sacrificed so much during and after 9/11. We experienced the impact and ripple effect of acts of service performed in honor of loved ones.

A new SSR member joined us for the first time... all the way from Japan. After the salon he shared the message below with me. It speaks to the power of screened content to Take a Stand, which is the theme of this fall series.

It will be wonderful to welcome him again tomorrow!

Hello Christine,

I know about 9/11, but it's the first time I've heard real voices from Americans. We had a big earthquake in Japan, 3/11/2011. That was by nature, yet the 9/11 was man-made. I was thinking of their difference. And I realized that people's LOVE is the same. Thank you,


Then on the following Tuesday, October 11th, we’ll be joined by my friend Pat Mitchell, a tour de force and self-proclaimed ‘dangerous woman'. (The title of her recent book is Becoming a Dangerous Woman.)

Pat is the personification of a disruptor and has devoted her entire life to taking a stand.

In our salon, we will experience Shaping Solutions: Women Leaders for Climate Justice, a panel that she convened in her role as a board member of the Skoll Foundation. Pat brought together the top global experts (dangerous women, themselves), including Mary Robinson, the former President of Ireland and current chair of The Elders. The topic, Climate Change and Climate Justice, was urgent then and is absolutely critical now.

I got to be with Pat, Mary Robinson and many other inspiring women at last month's Climate Week in New York where she convened a series of meetings of Connected Women Leaders, TED Talkers and others throughout the week. I can't wait for everyone to meet her and the women we'll see on the screen.

There's still time to join us...



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