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Meet Our Featured Guests... Kim, Tess, Gabriel & Steven!

Updated: Apr 18

(updated 4/18/24)

Want to hang out with them? Join us on 3 Tuesdays April 16, 30 & May 7th and you will! Scroll down for a who's who.

Reserve now, and hope to see you starting this Tuesday.

Series Dates:  April 16, 30 & May 7 

Time:          5 - 6:30 pm PT / 8 - 9:30pm ET  (Meet & Greet:15 minutes earlier)

Quick Links:

Though each salon stands on its own, the series format is intentional to offer a deeper dive for everyone.

Kim Watson is a New York native, now based in Los Angeles, Kim is a multifaceted author, photographer, and writer/director with over two decades of experience.

Focused on creating Art as a Catalyst for Change, he's worked in TV, film, advertising, and digital content; including co-writing Universal Pictures' Honey, and directing over 30 music videos while earning MTV and Soul Train Awards nominations.

  • Website:

  • Instagram: kimwatsonart

  • Facebook: Kim Mwatson

  • X: KimWatsonArt

Tess Cacciatore is a multiple best-selling author & award-winning director/filmmaker, multimedia creator and executive producer with over 25 years in the entertainment, technology and philanthropic arenas. 

She directed, wrote an edited The Rescue, which won 21 film festival awards in the U.S. and abroad. Tess has worked as a UN Media Accredited Journalist for the United Nations and has traveled the world for the past 25 plus years, doing humanitarian outreach on 5 continents for social injustices and human rights.  (scroll down for more)

  • Website: 

  • Instagram:  Tess Cacciatore

  • Facebook: Tess Cacciatore

  • Linked In: Tess Cacciatore

Gabriel Diamond is a filmmaker, dancer, and transformational experience facilitator. If you were with us in the Fall of 2021, you met him when he was my Featured Guest with his narrative feature film, Less.

As the staff filmmaker at The Skoll Foundation, Gabriel has made hundreds of films about changemakers.  He will be joining us just after the annual Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University. He co-founded Vulnerable Rally, Blindfolded Contact, and Dance Roulette.


Steven Ullman ... So, full disclosure, Steven is producing the soon to be re-named doc feature, In the Name of Hope -- which is the film I'm directing. Thanks to ripples from 2022, we met when he was one of my Featured Guests for a screening salon in 2022. He came back for another in 2023, with his film Miss Lillian: More than a President's Mother. More recently more ripples had his longtime friend J. Todd Harris, President of Branded Pictures Entertainment, joined us as an Executive Producer.

An award-winning producer/ director based in Los Angeles his mission is “to provoke thought, evoke feeling, and create community through inspired storytelling and creative entertainment.”

Salon 2, Tuesday, April 30:   'HOME' - Removed & Returned

Global CEO and Founder of GWEN (The Global Womens Empowerment Network) and Filmmaker Tess Cacciatore will join us with her award-winning, heart-pounding short film based on a true story about human trafficking.

  • The Rescue - Winnter of Social Justice Award at the Cannes World Film Festival and the award for Best Female Director Whistleblowers Film Festival in Washington, DC.  (Coincidentally, that's where I'll be next week for the film I'm directing.)

In the meantime, you can "meet" our May 7th Featured Guest, Gabriel Diamond, through this clip of from a past screening salon when we was my Featured Guest with his narrative film, Less.

  Featured Guest: Tess Cacciatore, The Rescue, Producer, Writer, Editor


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Essentials & Quicklinks

Dates:  April 16, 30 & May 7 

Time:    5 - 6:45pm PT  /  8 - 9:45pm ET


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