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Lessons from Stories & Their Ripples

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

As our Spring Screening Salon Series continues, we continue to explore the different faces of Vulnerability & Connection. Dive in and join us for one or both of the upcoming salons. You'll be glad you did!

Last Tuesday we continued this spring series with the film Mission: JOY -- Finding Happiness in Troubled Times. My Featured Guest Peggy Callahan brought us up close and behind-the-scenes of the deeply authentic relationship between 2 global thought-leaders, The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. She also turned us onto The BIG JOY Project... which we'll revisit in the final salon. The week before, Featured Guest Steven Ullman joined us with the film Meeting Jim., directed by Ece Ger,

No one ever knows what ripples emerge from these. One of them for me was to resume my private collaborative dinners. The next one is set for April 24th! If you're a past screening salon participant or friend and are interested in coming, message me.

Join us THIS Tuesday to experience 3 short episodes of The Lesson with Featured Guest Co-Founder & CEO Reed Frerichs. Through the personal stories of these "Lesson Givers', we'll learn that, when they dared to be vulnerable, it changed their lives.

  • Bea Arthur: a young entrepreneur and Shark Tank survivor

  • Ginny Glider: a two-time Olympic rower and battle-tested leader

  • Karl Wagner, an ex-CIA agent, widower and father

AND Ginny and Karl will be with us for our post-screening conversation... Bea might be, too!

The Lesson is an emerging platform that connects audiences with personal stories, It takes courage and vulnerability to make big shifts. The same goes for daring to share them with unseen audiences.

Scroll down to Reserve Your Place and for Series Quicklinks.

Thank you SO very much to our Featured Guests and the screened content that you're sharing with us over these 4 weeks.

We are so looking forward to experiencing this film with everyone. Until then!


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Apr 18, 2022

Update 4/19:

To all... Ripples Abound!

For tomorrow's screening salon, we will not only have Reed Freerichs, Co-Founder & CEO of THE LESSON with us. But also:

  • At least 2 of the Lesson-Givers, Ginny Glider and Karl Wagner will be with us.

  • Bea Arthur, the 3rd of the 3 Lesson-Givers is hoping to join as well.

  • and Jason Anderson, the other Co-Founder will be with us, too.

Please join me in welcoming each of them to Stone Soup Ripple!

If you still need to reserve, click here,

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