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Fall Series Preview: Connection & Belonging, Oct 26 - Nov 16

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Have you been hearing words like these more and more? I sure have, and I’ve been seeing them, too.

On a recent trip to Bristol, England, the street art was all about connection, belonging and community.

It really struck me, but maybe it's because that's what Stone Soup Ripple is all about

OR... maybe it's because Stone Soup Ripple's Fall '21 Screening Salon Series, Connection & Belonging begins in less than 2 weeks.

This new series will evolve over 4 consecutive Tuesdays, ending with the closing salon the week before Thanksgiving.

Here's a Previewi:

- On October 26th, we start the Fall series with my Featured Guest, filmmaker Dulanie Ellis to experience her award-winning film, Ground Operations: Battlefields to Farmfields Ground Operations follows 8 combat veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and now prosper running organic farms and ranches.

Their journeys offer win-win solutions for our veterans. Their stories offer hope, inspiration... and a realistic path to Connection & Belonging in today's very complex world.

- On November 2nd, we'll experience My So-Called Enemy and meet filmmaker Lisa Gossels and 2 other Featured Guests, along with 6 Israeli and Palestinian teenage girls who connect at a leadership program in the U.S. only to face the realities of life back home

- On November 9th, we'll meet actress Meredith Thomas, the on-screen mom in Jeannette Godoy's short film, Disconnected, who dares to confiscate the phones of her daughter and 2 besties ) for one entire hour.

- On November 16th, just before heading into Thanksgiving and the December holidays, we'll gather for a deeper dive into the series theme as we connect even more with each other.

Here are the Quick Links:

If you participated in this series last year, expect something completely different, and just as compelling. For those who have yet to taste of Stone Soup Ripple, I really hope you''ll join us.

Our online salons blend people, ideas and screened content in a unique way that feels like one of those fascinating dinner parties that could last forever. And though each salon stands on its own, the series format is designed to encourage deeper connection and the ripples that often follow.

So reserve your place now... and in the spirit of the ripple, why not reach out and bring a friend with you, too? I'm sure they'll be glad you did.

See you soon,


BTW, our online Screening Salons are FREE to Attend... In lieu of a booking fee for online salons, participants may Add a Ripple by contributing to support our Featured Guests.

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