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film reccS from this year….

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

I'm sharing here a few films that are well worth your time.

If you were with us for our Spring ONLINE screening salon series, we featured this film and joined in group conversation with my Featured Guest Producer & Co-Director Peggy Callahan.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, two Nobel Peace Prize Laureates united for one final mission: to show the world how to live with JOY, even in troubled times. Their life stories remind us that JOY is an inside job, that JOY and pain are inseparable, and that deep connection is one of the secrets to JOY.

Whether or not you saw the film then or have been touched by any of the ripples since, (see below), you already know that just thinking about what we're grateful for helps to create JOY. ✨

The flip side and harsh fact is that the holiday blues are real, as are the rising levels of depression and anxiety around the world. So you may want to reach out to someone who may be hurting or maybe you just want to share some something special with those who you are with, the film, Mission: JOY... Finding Happiness in Troubled Times. (Trailer).

The Dalai Lama and/or Archbishop Tutu (a.k.a. The mischievous brothers) gave th Mission: JOY team the mandate to share the how-to's of JOY with as many people as possible, with particular emphasis on communities who otherwise would not have access.

Here are just some of the ripples that have happened since the film was released in Spring,

  • free screenings hosted by individuals and organizations of the film from Colorado to Cape Town 

  • Screenings which reached 40,000 incarcerated learners in prisons across the United States

  • Shares in social media... hundreds of thousands of times 

  • The forwarding of emails to friends and neighbors who could use a boost

  • The JOY community also amped up the JOY message through the recent online Global Joy Summit, which has reached 184,000 people and counting... all for FREE.

In spite of the many heartbreaks happening in the world right now, there is exponential power in each of us to elevate and heal whatever situation we are in. This is even more true when we connect intentionally and authentically with others.

...So Peggy and I invite you to watch his film, on your own or with others.

Here's the link to watch the film and see other ways that the JOY community can add ripples and tickles to your life.

(The small viewing fee will help continue to bring this messages to others in dire circumstances around the world.)

.. and of course, I invite you to be with us for our next ONLINE Screening Salon Series starting in late February. It's already in the works and I know you'll want to hear about it, so feel free to sign up for updates or join as a member if you haven't already.

Happy holidays to you and your near 'n dears,




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