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Here's to Ripples from THE ROAD TO DHARMA: Our First Screening Salon Series

Aug 15, 2020 I guess we can say it was a success. What started out as three salons went on to be a total of ELEVEN! Thank you to everyone, including Featured Guest Adam Schomer, who attended the Spring Screening Salon Series, featuring his newly released docuseries, The Road to Dharma.

We ended up seeing all ten episodes instead of the first three which we’d planned for. And then there was a call for a final closing salon so we could take it all in. It may have been even more special for Adam than it was for everyone else. Thank you, too, to Michael Mollura (score composer), Scott Christman (director of photography) and the motorcycle riders Elle Swan and Ryan Phibbs for sharing their experiences with us as well. Everyone loved meeting you.

Though it may not seem so, the content and flow of these salons is very intentional, but that's only the backdrop... and who knows, maybe I really do have a magic stone. Even so, I definitely can’t predict how each salon will unfold or how any particular group might evolve during our time together. The same will go for the 5-session Summer Screening Salon Series coming up, Connection & Belonging.

Each salon and each series is its own unique blend of content, people and perspectives. The basic elements are authenticity, collaboration and trust. Just like the Stone Soup fable, there’s not really a head chef. No one has advanced degree in the theme or the soup recipe. It’s about joining in with a willingness to add our stone and take turns stirring the pot, whether it’s through active listening, sharing in the moment or in the days and weeks after.

  • We are the ingredients, adding our own magic stones into the mix.

  • Our time together is the kettle of water.

  • Our interaction is the magic stone.

I actually think that everyone has a magic stone somewhere and if we choose to pick it up and toss it in, sooner or later it will affect the outcome.

One thing is for sure, whether you choose to take a taste or go for it, you’ll come away with something you didn’t have before. (At least, that’s my hope… which is why it’s great to hear your any comments, suggestions or ideas you might have.)

If you’ve already been with us, I hope you’ll come back for seconds. For those who haven’t had a test yet, it would be so great for you to join us. So pick up your stone and toss it in.

All the best,


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