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Set Yourself free

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Summer Pop-Up Screening Salon: SET YOURSELF FREE with THE ROAD TO DHARMA

My deep thanks to Adam Schomer and Michael Mollura, my Featured Guests who presented us with THE ROAD TO DHARMA. Also to Linh James and Ricardo Hambra who joined in for the live musical presentation that closed our evening together.

Thank you to each of you who were with us. For those if you who couldn't make it*, it was a very special evening. Either way, plans are already underway for the Fall Screening Salon Series, Connection & Belonging. Dates might change due to the availability of Featured Guests, but definitely pencil in Oct 22, Nov 2 and Nov 9th.

As usual, it will take place on consecutive Tuesdays. Last year we convened with really wonderful Featured Guests and their screened content, and this year will be just as great, but with a different twist.

Following up from last night,

The image below captures the words to my opening question to the group, and was revisited in breakout rooms: "What do you feel when you think of freedom and being free?"

(Thank you for bringing these words to life, oh-so-talented Jasmine Lopez, LA-based physical therapist)

I want to also add some ripples to the amazing work of the special guests who were with us for SET YOURSELF FREE. You read more about Adam and Michael on the Meet Our Featured Guests page.

  • Adam Schomer, the content creator, Monday meditation convener Monday & beach yoga/breathwork/bodysurfing guide

  • Ricardo Hambra, tabla master, composer, author and more: Whether you were with us last night, in previous salons or in person or visiting the site and following @stonesoupripple on Instagram and Facebook, thank you all for tapping into this growing community. Here's to the ripples in your life and beyond, Christine * For anyone that experienced tech or website difficulties: I’d really appreciate hearing what happened so any issues can be addressed. I realize that you set aside the time and am very aware of how precious your time is. Please reach out to me.


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