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D&I: From 'the Road to Justice' to 'Becoming More Visible'

It was SO great to be with you for the first salon of this series! Thank-you again to Brendan Hall and Kaylia Warren for being with us and to our film sponsor, Video Project, for bringing us the fabulous film which they co-directed, The Road to Justice. Thank you, too, to everyone who participated. Everyone contributed their ideas making for a very interesting post-screening conversation. It was unanimous that this is a film that should be seen by anyone, of any age, who lives in the United States... and beyond.

Contact Video Project if you want to make that happen for this or any other of their films.

I'm thrilled at the line-up of screened content and the Featured Guests for this series. As I shared during the salon, I’ve been wanting to focus on Diversity & Inclusion since I began presenting these online screening salons over three years ago. This is not only because of my own experiences, but also as I look at our world today, with so many unseen and marginalized people unfairly based on their race, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, and other parameters that only serve to limit our life experiences individually and as a society.

These days there's a lot of focus on 'diversity', but it seems that we need to devote more time, energy, space and funds on 'inclusion.' That means taking the time to see others, listen to their stories and welcome them into our own.

This is what we'll be looking at next week and throughout the rest of this series.

ThisTuesday, March 21st:

5 - 7:15pm PT / 8 - 10:15pm ET Pamela French, the Producer, Director & Editor will be our Featured Guest with her film, Becoming More Visible

The fact is, each of us has multiple identities. Sometimes we feel included, but at other times, we feel very much on the outside looking in. We often have to fight to be seen for who we really are. What can be overlooked is that the struggle can be with ourselves, in summoning up the courage to own our truest self first.

In Pamela's film, we'll meet 4 transgender young adults, who each made a decision to become more visible. For them, this is not a simple question, as we will see. I hope you'll join us online for the film and a guided group conversation about defying social norms to become more visible.

After that, in the rest of the sessions, we’ll get to know:

  • On March 28th, several mixed race people, who live in racial divided times

  • On April 4th, an extraordinary woman, President Jimmy Carter’s mom, who was a lot more than a president’s mother… someone who simply chose to ignore gender, race and age altogether!

  • and on April 6th, in the Closing Salon, we'll get to know each other more in this salon which focuses on integration and connection with the theme and each other.

So book your salons, spread some ripples, and see you next week!



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