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D&I: 'Becoming More Visible'

It was SO great to be with everyone who came online for Becoming More Visible and our group conversation with Director, Producer & Editor Pamela French. A line toward the end of the film still resonates with me: "It’s very hard to hate someone whose story you know.”

In her film, we met 4 transgender young adults, who each made a decision to become more visible. For them, this was not a simple question, as we saw in the film. Thank-you again to Pamela, Sean and Kathryn for being with us in our salon and to Video Project for bringing us the film.

As was the case last week, with The Road to Justice, everyone felt that this film should be out there in a big way so that people can understand the people behind the labels.

I hope to see you next Tuesday and the week after, as Diversity & INCLUSION continues.

Here’s what’s happening:

Next Tuesday, 5 - 7:15pm PT / 8 - 10:15pm ET (Meet & Greet starts 15 minutes prior) Richard Pierre, the Director, Producer & Writer will be our Featured Guest with his film, What Are You Trailer

This film takes is into the lives of multiracial people to reveal the struggles of living in a racially divided world. Each of the participants, including Richard, our Featured Guest, will offer us a unique perspective on growing up mixed and of the challenges they’ve faced in their lives.

Here’s the Quick Link to book this salon and the rest of the series.

Here's what's on for the rest of this series:

This Tuesday, March 28th:

5 - 7:15pm PT / 8 - 10:15pm ET Richard Pierre, the Director, Producer & Editor will be our Featured Guest with her film, What Are You?

After that, in the rest of the sessions, we’ll get to know:

  • On April 4th, Featured Guest Steven Ullman and through his film, Miss Lillian - Morr Than a President's Mother, an extraordinary woman, President Jimmy Carter’s mother, who simply chose to ignore gender, race and age altogether!

  • and on April 6th, in the Closing Salon, we'll get to know each other more in this salon which focuses on integration and connection with the theme and each other.

I'm proud to present this series. As I look at our world today, we need content AND audiences to learn the stories of people who are marginalized based on their race, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, and other parameters that only serve to limit us as individuals and as a society.

So book your salons, spread some ripples, and see you next week,



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