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Fall Series Continues: Join us!

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

This Tuesday, we’ll shift to teens in LA and their beloved tech, the third of the screening salons in this series. We will experience Director Jeannette Godoy's short film, Disconnected, and Featured Guest Meredith Thomas will be with us before and after the film for group conversation and breakout rooms.

If you haven't reserved yet, here's the Quick Link.

Note: The final two sessions of the series will end at 7pm PT / 10pm ET.

Meanwhile, a Bit of Recap of Our Time with Lisa, Justin, Joline and Rawan:

We started with everyone sharing a word or two about how they wanted to enter into our time together:



Opening hearts and minds



Belief in bridges


And from Lisa, to experience this film] with new eyes

After the screening, Rawan, one of the teenagers in the film who is now a 30 years old, also joined us from Jerusalem. This was a unique experience for everyone, including the Featured Guests, since this was the first time the film was screened to a group since before COVID... and it was the first time they had been together as a group for literally years!

Here are some post-screening comments that were in the chat, including the first one, which is from Lisa.

“I haven’t seen it in its entirety in a while. it was a gift to see it. with you all”

“A powerful and moving film”

“I continue to see more and more each time I experience this film.”


“I loved the one girl saying, ‘Peace begins with me.’ So powerful.”

“The world could learn so much from those girls."

“Loved the music!!!!”

“So good to see it again. Just wonderful!”

“I am overwhelmed, saddened and hopeful (quite a mixture)…”

“I’m continually in awe of the young women in the story. Documentaries like this are heavy and I’m so thankful for all your company.”

“What a timeless story! Universal and incredible. They stayed engaged and in communication which is so inspiring.”

“Lisa is a genius of film making and of soul touching!”

“Thank you everyone! So glad to be here and see this with all of you.”

As I've said, the timing of this series is very intentional, with the series ending next week week, just before Thanksgiving, a celebration that is all about connection and belonging.

Hope to see you this Tuesday and the next and for the Winter series.

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