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COMMON GROUND: Your 2023 "Must-WATCH" Film

Screened content has the power to take us into beyond our wildest imagination. It also has the power to connect and heal. On all fronts, that's where the newly released film, Common Ground comes in.

Yet again Rebecca Harrell Tickell and Josh Tickell of Big Picture Ranch bring us an beautiful and engrossing film worthy of the big screen. Common Ground is about the people at the forefront of regenerative agriculture. The film takes us on a journey that brings us onto their farms and into their homes, offering not only clarity and hope, but practical and workable solutions to balance the climate and revitalize our ecosystem.

The irony is that the SOLUTION to #climatechange is right under our feet.

The film won the Humanitarian Award at the 2023 Tribecca Film Festival and is screening to sold out audiences across the country, including the Laemmle Monica Film Center in Santa Monica, CA. I attended the LA premiere there on Friday, which was followed by a Q&A and panel led by Josh and Rebecca.

Films like this one and it’s 2020 precursor Kiss The Ground are essential viewing. Thanks to the efforts of Rebecca and Josh as well as the work of of many others, including past Stone Soup Ripple Featured Guests Pat Mitchell and Laura Seydel and their initiatives Project Dandelion, The Captain Planet Foundation our planet will not only heal and survive, but actually thrive.



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