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At SSR Closing Salons, Everyone's a Featured Guest

As is the case with all Stone Soup Ripple Closing Salons, everyone participating in today's salon will be a Featured Guest... and what a great group we have!

The whole idea behind Stone Soup Ripple is that everyone in the room, virtual or otherwise, has interesting and meaningful ingredients to add to an experience. Often they are verbal, but they can be visual, too. For example, Sheng Huang posted a photo of MindMaps that he created during the past two salons (check one out below.. and any of his tutorials on YouTube.)

Throughout this fall '21 series, Connection & Belonging, we have experienced screened content that has added to our view of how we come together to connect and belong.

Whether or not you've attended any Stone Soup Ripple gatherings, we welcome you tonight. If you're curious about Stone Soup Ripple, I encourage you to sign up for Updates or Join as a Member. (There's no cost to participate in these online screening salons and all are welcome.)

If you have some time to spare before we meet, feel free to watch any of the trailers on the Upcoming page... and if you have 14 minutes, you can watch Disconnected and Let's Play in their entirety.

Here's the QUICK LINK if you still want to join us.

Finally, I want to add a ripple to this comment that Featured Guest Lisa Gossels posted as a reply in the Private Discussion Group. It's been reverberating in me since I read it, and I'll share it here. I suppose it has because this is at the crux of Stone Soup Ripple, to

bring people together to experience different perspectives as part of a better understanding of what's going on in today's world.

“...We also know the power of one image, one video or one encounter or connection with someone we don’t know to completely shift our perspectives..."

Here's to the ripples in your life and beyond!


Adding a ripple to this valuable tool for thriving in our complex world! (Thanks for this, Sheng!)

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