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Add A Ripple to Our Winter Series

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

In the spirit of adding some ripples, below is the link to watch the film that we watched at the first salon of THE POWER OF EXPRESSION last Tuesday.

Joining us for the experience was Tim Seelig, the Artistic Director of the SF Gay Men’s Chorus who led 6 buses with 300 singers from San Francisco through five of the reddest red states in the south.

It was a really special evening for everyone.

As long as you don't blast this on social media, here's how you can watch Gay Chorus DEEP SOUTH: : - Go to the Upcoming page on this site - In the Feb 23rd listing, click on the hyperlinked film name, GAY CHORUS DEEP SOUTH (and note the password right after the film title) - The trailer for the film is after the film description.

Please enjoy and SHARE (just not on your social media posts) the film AND this series. Let's create ripples of awareness, understanding and action in the future.

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