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This is currently not scheduled. Let us know that you're interested.

On Zoom

HOPE, SWEET HOPE April 16, 30 & May 7

  • Online Session


Join Christine, her Featured Guests... and your fellow participants for this 3- session online screening salon series on April 16, 30 & May 7th. GROUP SIZE: Our Online Screening Salons are limited in size, so please reserve for each one now. If you need to cancel, please notify us ASAP.   TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE ​ 1. Book each salon separately and in advance.  Reservations cannot be accepted after a salon starts.  2. There's no fee to attend, but if you want to support us, consider donating to our Kickstarter Campaign before it ends on April 24th. You may do this when you book your place on the next page. 3. Click on Reserve & Support and scroll through the booking calendar above the calendar grid.  Under the salon date on the grid, click on the start time.  Press Next and complete booking for that salon.   You will then be prompted to book additional dates.  4. Repeat the process for EACH date.  (It's not optimal, but experiencing multiple salons in a series is worth it.) 5. Look for separate email confirmations for each salon the day before and 1 hour before. Each will have salon-specific Zoom access links.  (please save the link.) Due to the nature of  life in today's world, the program is subject to change. Thank you for your participation. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend, please cancel your reservation at your earliest convenience. Please know that any contributions you have made are non-refundable and will be deeply appreciated by our Featured Guests. In the event that an SSR gathering is recorded, Stone Soup Ripple reserves the right to use it partially or in full on our website or elsewhere... of course with the utmost respect for all.

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