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In working with private clients, Christine Leuthold focuses on achieving objectives through the intentional cultivation of relationships, internally and externally.  These include staff, existing and new customers, investors, content creators, donors and board members.  

In addition to her extensive cross-functional, industry and branding experience, Christine adds two special ingredients:  a relationship-based approach to business development along with her intuitive cultivation and connection of seemingly disparate elements, which she calls ‘the ripple’.  This combination is what sets her apart. 

An adept strategic thinker and masterful connector, she makes it look easy as she works with senior leadership teams and others across industries, disciplines and sectors.  Her skills and experience span disciplines but invariably involve:
  • Strategy
  • Team Building            
  • Stakeholder Engagement            
  • Community Building
Stone Soup Ripples are a blend of intent, action... and cultivation.

Possessing a highly-tuned ability to transform initial encounters into much more, Christine taps into the power of collective energy, identifying new opportunities and strengthening existing ones every step of the way.

An adept and enthusiastic connector of ideas, initiatives and individuals, Christine will work with you, your management team and/or your staff to build stronger connections among those in your current circles and beyond.  

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