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Stone Soup Ripple (SSR) is where creative and curious individuals intersect with compelling content and intentionally-facilitated group participation. 
Each of our gatherings is its own unique stone soup recipe… a blend of content, programming and participation that encourages connection, community and ripples that expand ideas, projects, businesses… and lives. 

... for ripples that expand ideas, projects, businesses and lives.

We encourage the exploration of diverse perspectives through active listening and sharing through themed gatherings, screening experiences, workshops and private consulting.  Our mission is to create community and ‘ripples’ for individual and collective growth.  SSR also provides dedicated forums to enrich and expand group interactions.
So welcome to our world, a world of genuine sharing and connection through an eclectic mix of content that is inspiring, engaging, thought-provoking and fun!

Meet Christine

Community-building is in Christine Eisner Leuthold's blood.  As founder of Stone Soup Ripple, she brings diverse and purposeful achievements in the corporate, non-profit and private sectors to this platform to focus on expanding ‘ripples’ that connect, inspire and activate for the individual and greater good.


Her career is rooted in branding, programming, organizational culture and social responsibility, on both coasts and abroad. In the past, she developed and executed an array of high-profile initiatives including most recently, The Campaign for Peace and Reconciliation (CPR).  She orchestrated a top-security gathering to honor Nelson Mandela on his New York visit following his release from prison as well as a series of corporate social responsibility and philanthropic fundraising/awareness initiatives for Ralph Lauren Corporation as their Public Relations Director. 
A believer in the power of screened content and intentional conversation, Christine was the former Co-Director of The Esalen Inspirational Film Festival.   She also led a United Way initiative to promote family volunteering and served on the steering committee of an interfaith task force with the Institute for Muslim, Christian & Jewish Studies.
She is an active member of SCAD’s Advisory Board has produced and moderated panels for their television festival, aTVFest and the SCAD Savannah Film Festival.  She is also a member of KCRW’s Champions Committee (Los Angeles’ public radio station) and a partner in Real World Explorations, a national platform introducing students to STEM/STEAM vocational and college career paths. 
Based in LA and her native New York, Christine is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Switzerland.  She is also the author of a critically-acclaimed book, Comfort Living: A Back-to-Basics Guide to a More Balanced Lifestyle.

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