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Thursday, November 26

Fall Series: Sharing Erham's Screened Content

Let the ripples continue as you watch, re-watch, share with others and share your comments here.

It has been such a privilege to bring people together for Listen, Learn… Speak.  Whether you attended any of the other salons or not, please join us on Tuesday for our closing salon of the series.  I know that for all who have participated, these salon conversations will remain with us as we connect with friends and family this week and during the December holidays. 

This past Tuesday, Erahm was with us yet again sharing his film, The Philadelphia Project, which was the catalyst for a compelling group discussion and breakout sessions.  

Wishing you an especially connected holiday weekend ahead,

Screened Content Links, with gratitude to Erahm Christopher:
- Dear Voter (1 min)
- Powerful Words (8 min) 

LISTEN (1:48 min)
 … and  a short about Listen as a catalyst a mental health initiative
an article in Getting Smart about LISTEN and mental health (& LISTEN trailer) 

The Philadelphia Project (60 min)

SALON 4:  Join us this coming Tuesday, Dec 1st, from 5-7pm  /  8-11pm ET
Please join us with a cocktail, mocktail, cup of tea or glass of wine for this highly interactive closing session.  Yet again, Erahm will be with us, and this time WE will be the content as we integrate our collective experience around the theme of this series.  

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ChristineLeuthold To all of you who attended this series, LISTEN, LEARN... SPEAK, this is where our conversation can continue. Please feel free to add your thoughts whether it's about something we saw together, something you've experienced since or something that has come to you since we've been together.
For those that weren't able to take part, feel free to watch any or all of the content that I've posted and join in the conversation.
Hopefully I"ll see you all at the December Year-End Pop Up: OUR MUSIC & OUR DREAMS on December 29th with my FEATURED GUEST MICHAEL MOLLURA. Details are on the GATHERINGS page of this site.

Until soon, I hope,


Erahm Christopher Thank you Christine for asking me to be a part of the LISTEN, LEARN...SPEAK session. It was a great pleasure to connect with the groups. If anyone of the attendees would be interested in exploring my current work they can check out the following:

- Those that have children and are interested in exploring some of the topics we raised might be interested in my debut children's book NEW FRIENDS. They can get it on amazon or barnes &



- I'm directing a new docu series with Brooke Dooley producing on an exciting new media platform called ImagineBC. People can download the ImagineBC app and follow the GOODINSTINCT channel to watch the series.


- To sign up to the GOODINSTINCT newsletter to recieve info about new projects you can do so here:

Thank you!


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karenwood Thank you again Ehram for sharing such insightful, powerful and inspiring content with us. You are a remarkable man and it warms my heart to see all the powerful work you are accomplishing with kids so in need of being LISTENED to!


I shared this quote in the final salon:

“Between the stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

- Victor Frankle, Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist and holocaust survivor:


karenwood Thank yoiu again Christine for creating such powerful salons for us to explore intriguing conversations about pertinent, topical content! I look forward to each and every one of them. It's like opening a special gift each week from a friend who knows your soul and always find the perfect present for you!


member646643 Thank you Erahm and Christine for a deep and meaningful salon series. I feel like I have only begun to scratch the surface of all your wonderful work Erahm and I look forward to diving in further and digesting things more as I have more time this month. I am so grateful that Christine has introduced us to you and your immensely important content. Thank you for helping me gain a deeper insight into the world of the young people around me, especially my own children. With enormous gratitude. Angela.

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