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👋🏻 Hi Sheng here, I’m an ex-techie, mind mapper and YouTuber based in San Francisco, for now. As an immigrant kid from Shanghai growing up in the Bay Area, I went to Cal and worked for various tech companies (Google + Niantic Labs + AI startups) before leaving the cushy Silicon Valley life to pursue new adventures in London for my MBA.

Since leaving the tech industry last year, I've dedicated myself to helping people discover their purpose and balance between external curiosity and internal mastery. Below are my main projects:

  1. 📺 I make Youtube videos on mind mapping, intentional productivity, and lessons taken from philosophy and poetry. I started the channel in March 2020 to help people organize chaos at a time when the world felt like it was flipped on its head.

  2. ✍🏼 I started the Silver & Steel Project to help people discover their balance of Silver (inner mastery and wisdom) and Steel (knowledge and external impact). I write a weekly newsletter to share my musings.

  3. 🧠 I'm soon launching a community for called Mind Map Nation to connect multi-disciplinary thinkers.

  4. 👨‍💻 I consult for startups with my previous tech expertise. This keeps my mind sharp while helping awesome founders. I'm also stepping into coaching + workshops.

I'm excited to be here and looking forward to forming genuine connections!

  • Conn & Belonging '21
    Fall series 2021 Dulanie Ellis, Lisa Gossels & co, Meredith Thomas (& Jeannette?)
  • Vulnerability & Conn
    Spring 2022 Screening Salon Series

Sheng Huang

Conn & Belonging '21
Vulnerability & Conn
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