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Announcing Our Spring SerieS

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Please join us for TAKING A STAND, our Spring Screening Salon Series starting on May 4th.

Here are the trailblazers, we could say superheroes, who we will be getting to know during this series as we explore the theme, TAKING A STAND. The waves of change they have created have and continue to revolutionize lives, mindsets, practices and policies, here and around the world. Here they are:

  • The girls and women, here and abroad who dared to address the taboo issue faced by adolescent girls and women in their own societies and on film,

  • The daughter of a Himalayan forest conservator who has become 'Monsanto's worst nightmare’, crusading for international food justice,

  • The visionary Southerner who had the foresight decades ago, to take a stand and dedicate his life to two simple words, “Save Everything".

Also, a very warm welcome to our Featured Guests, who you will meet on our journey:

  • Melissa Berton, Producer of Academy Award Winning Film, Period. End of Sentence. & Executive Director of The Pad Project​

  • Ruby Schiff, Executive Producer of the Academy Award Winning Film, Period. End of Sentence. & Co-Founder of The Pad Project

  • Camilla Becket & Jim Becket, who both directed and produced this life story of Vandana Shiva

  • Laura Turner Seydel, international environmental advocate and eco-living expert, Chair of Captain Planet Foundation & Director of Turner Foundation​.

  • ... and our series participants, who will be with us for any or all sessions, including our closing salon where we put the pieces together and connect further as a group.

See you in just over three weeks. Go to the Upcoming page for the full program or click here to RSVP and to be in touch with any questions or comments,


  • In lieu of a booking fee for online salons, you may make contribution to support the Featured Guests.

  • Look for the "Add to the Ripple" image on the Meet Our Featured Guests page and the booking page.

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