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Peggy Callahan 

Producer & Co-Director, Mission:  JOY - Finding Happiness in Troubled Times

Based in Los Angeles, Peggy Callahan's sense of fairness (or maybe masochism) has driven her work in television and human rights activism.  As an award winning filmmaker, television journalist and human rights activist, Peggy believes in the power of story to create real change on the planet.


She was honored to capture the life-changing conversations between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and his 'mischievous brother' Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Their week-long meeting took place in Dharmsala at the Dalai Lama's compound. It was shot with five cameras, a crew from three countries and back-up equipment twelve hours away in Delhi. It came off without a single glitch. Holy men were surely keeping a watchful eye on things.

Their dialogues inspired the film as well as The Book of Joy - Lasting Happiness in a Changing World. The message that 'joy is an inside job' is spreading even faster with the largest ever global Citizen Science project on joy. BIG JOY which is available on-line for free around the globe.


Peggy also co-founded Voices4Freedom and Free the Slaves, two international non-profits

dedicated to ending modern day slaver in our lifetime.

Finally. Forever.